Our Mission

  • Production of commercially successful biopharmaceuticals.
  • Innovative development – consistent introduction of new products.

Our Strategy

  • Continuous conformity of development, production, control and distribution processes to the requirements of national and international GxP standards.
  • Developing and enhancing the efficiency of the corporate quality management system according to the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice based on process approach.
  • High technological and technical level of production.
  • Improving production efficiency and increasing sales.
  • Maintaining product appeal.
  • Developing personnel competence and expertise.
  • Maintaining high efficiency and increasing capitalisation of the company.

Our Tactics

  • Ensuring high product quality meeting the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the RF State Pharmacopoeia.
  • Ongoing search, development, testing and introduction of new technologies and products.
  • Systematically scaling up production, optimizing production processes and technologies.
  • Cooperation with market promotion leaders, ensuring sales efficiency.
  • Comprehensive personnel training, personnel involvement in quality management at all stages of product life cycle.
  • Using modern equipment and analytical methods, efficient management approaches based on corporate information technologies.
  • Ongoing communication with customers for better satisfaction of their requirements.

Our operations rely on involvement of every employee, interaction and team work of all business units of the company in fulfilling corporate Quality Policy.